'Here I am, my Bastian.''Is it you, Moonchild?'
She laughed in a strangely lilting way.
'Who else would I be? Why you've just given me my lovely new name.Thank you for it. Welcome, my savior and my hero.'
'Where are we, Moonchild?''I am with you, and you are with me.'
Dream words. Yet Bastian knew for sure he was awake and not dreaming.
'Moonchild,' he whispered. 'Is this the end?'
'No,' she replied, 'it's the beginning.'
'Why is it so dark, Moonchild?' he asked.
'The beginning is always dark, my Bastian.
''I'd awfully like to see you again, Moonchild. The way you were when you looked at me.'
Again he heard a soft, lilting laugh.
'Why are you laughing?
''Because I'm happy.'
'Happy? Why?'
'You've just made your first wish.'
'Will you make it come true?'

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