i really like these images taken from fallen magazine

my neen bean
we twist and shape

is there anything more perfect?
find me one


reflections in bali


way fun
with tallulah

MINKPINK SWIM - 2010 from Mason Rose on Vimeo.

everything everything


makes me so happy
again again

dreaming of heeeaaattt

stevie stevie

colours and stuff

karla brought me presents this morning
oh dear oh my

saturday afternoon we found two rainbows

another outfit i dream of

vintagevirgin she so cool

amy dee and i made an angry face
angry face of jelly


my addiction.



sneaky of the minkpink swim shoot with tallulah

more more to come

forever mine

the things i would do for these alexander wangs

oh jimi oh jimi


how rainy and cold did surry hills look last night

i hate it

really enjoy

i just stole this off knightcat because it is the most prefectest outfit ever

a little more olsen for shits and gigs

For our wonderful jade

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
lets run away with them

She runs thru the valley of Death and of Sleeping
She laughs as she dances her feet wake the flowers
She comes a now running thru our gloomy town
Yes Jade is the Girl of the hour
We cant help but follow she’s buddha just watch her
She moves like an old gypsy woman but swears she’s a girl
And all that she asks we’ll allow her
For Jade is the girl of the hour

It is her hour so let it be hers
Find it and shine it and wind it always
It is her hour and always its hers
Yes Jade is the girl of the hour

The people in town now just wake up to see her for
When she smiles they all feel the power
The strong men the children and even the cowards
Know Jade is the girl of the hour

You wont soon forget the name

Softly now join her she’s blessed for construction
She sings and sounds off the hammer of god
Man I swear she’s come here to fill us with power
It’s Jade the girl of the hour!

You wont soon forget the name


it was sunny

so we sat in a park

oh so lovely spanish moss blog

had forgotten how much i love an olsen

Vic and i get sushi

wearing staple


that bag

we had about 10 funs on le weekend
again again


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