i really like the stussy galaxy print
about 10 funs


Marina said...

who makes these clothes? where did you find these images?

Mery Elle said...

i like it ♥

zeus said...

Amen.. I too love these prints!

Anonymous said...

They're under the label stussy. However I can only find the tank top. CANNOT FIND THE DRESS ANYWHERE on the net *cries*

Anonymous said...


ByeByeSoccerMom said...

i was browsing the net for galaxy prints and came across this. I have to say this is the most beautiful galaxy print I've ever seen. went to stussy's website, but no luck :(

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Anonymous said...

Here is one on eBay at the moment-

Tilda said...

When I was in melbourne my brother's girlfriend bought that dress and I didn't want to copy her so I didn't. When we got home to Sweden they broke up and I borrowed the dress once but man do I wish I had bought one of my own. Everytime I find a galaxyprint on anything I just go straight to the cashier!


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